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    Rules of Conduct


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    Rules of Conduct

    Post  Fireblade on Thu May 19, 2011 5:42 am

    Welcome to Limitless Undiscovery!

    So these are some simple rules that should make the experience here better for everyone.

    #1 Be nice: don't insult, harass, and or troll any individual. (If you feel this is happening, report it to an Admin or Moderator.) Of course, it isn't limited to just the three things I listed... but I trust you all understand what being "nice" is so that I don't have to further define it.

    #2 Cursing/Foul language: Please refrain from using such language on this forum unless a character is specifically using an expletive... and even then, try not to overdo things. Speak with intelligence, not filth. "Damn" and "Hell" are easily tolerated be mindful when using anything else.

    #3 Obey the websites rules of conduct:

    #4 Keep things age appropriate: Please keep the age rating of your posts in the PG-13 area. If your RP requires more explicit or adult content please do it via private messaging or another form of contact with your partner. This RP Forum is for the expansion of this universe and its story, not love scenes. You can elude to actions, but do not post explicit actions. Please inform Phantom or myself of any misconduct in this rule. Violators will have their explicit posts deleted and will be banned if the behavior continues. This rule will be strictly inforced.

    #5 I was certain I had more rules in mind.... all well I'll think of them the moment I post this probably.

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