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    Rules and Regulations


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    Rules and Regulations

    Post  Phantom on Thu May 19, 2011 5:42 am

    Welcome to Limitless Undiscovery!

    This post is specifically for Character rules. These are rules to help regulate the roleplay to help prevent "God-Modding" and bending the reality of the rp out of reason.

    Character Restrictions
    To be honest there are no real "restrictions"; however, there IS need for a balancing system. A character cannot simply appear in the world and have enough power to walk around and destroy whatever he or she comes across. Character's strengths and weaknesses come through time and consideration. Some characters gain a large portion of his or her power from a single event. However, to prevent "godmodding" there must be draw backs to using a lot of power at once. I understand that we all like to feel powerful in these RP's, but please consider who you are RP'ing with. Power play rp's usually waste a lot of time and energy for both RP'ers so be considerate.

    The main idea of starting a forum rp was to introduce other people into the world that my friend and I had created. So there are some rules that one need's to follow within this reality. We have plot points and characters that reside within this universe. As part of this universe you are allowed to interact with any of these characters (as well as others) at any time. With the permission of the other person of course.

    Do not take action for other people's characters. One's character is for him or her to control. Your character is for you to control, please respect that.

    Be sure to ask your partner(s) before introducing a new permanent character or another person to the RP - Especially if this will drastically alter things.

    Keep in mind that certain events happen at specific times. And thus things cannot be altered from this course. Characters cannot die in one RP and then be alive in another later on in time, unless there is plot behind it.

    Consistency is a must between different RP's. For example if Character A gives Character B a scar, Character B from then on (in RP's happening AFTER this point in time) will always have the scar recieved from Character A. Unless there's a reason why the scar has been removed, such as healing.

    For a main character to have powerful abilities please post in the Roleplay, Linage, Character Tree. Explaining their birth and IMPORTANT EVENTS that lead to and describe briefly why this each character has the abilities that they do.

    If you have any questions upon what would or wouldn't be considered appropriate please contact Fireblade or myself through a PM (private message)

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